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Attack Off Road 160 Kit

Attack Off Road 160 Kit

Attack Off Road 160 Kit

The Attack Off Road 160 Kit is a High Power, Remotely Controllable Adjustable Brightness RC Light System with 5" Light Bar.  This Plug and Play system is Simple to Install, Waterproof, and ready to take a beating on the Trail or on your Basher.  With Remote, and Manual, Adjustable Brightness the Attack Off Road 160 Kit lets you manage your battery usage, and makes it WAY easier to get pictures of your Truck.  This Rugged Kit is also very Expandable.  You can easily add Lights Bars, Spot Lights, Headlights, Running Lights, Brake or Reverse.  No soldering required, everything is Plug and Play.     The DG-1 Lighting Controller at the heart of the Attack Off Road 160 Kit is well proven, and loved by thousands RC enthusiasts like yourself.





Some of the great features you will get with the Attack Off Road 160 Kit are

- Scale 6" Light Bar

- DG-1 Dragon Lighting Controller

- Remote ON/OFF Brightness Control on 3rd Channel

- Expandable System = Easily add MyTrickRC Spot Lights (as Rock Lights) or Light Bar

- High Quality Components 


Attack Off Road 160 Kit Include:

  • 1pc DG-1 Lighting Controller

  • 1pc 6" Attack Light Bar

  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring management

  • Attack Scale Bumper Stickers



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