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Axial Honcho Light Kit

Axial Honcho Light Kit
Axial Honcho Light Kit
Axial Honcho Light Kit
Axial Honcho Light Kit

What is the Axial Honcho Light Kit?

  • 5" Light Bar, High Power Headlights, Rear Tail/Brake Lights, Front Marker Lights
  • Sleek looking Adjustable Brightness LED Headlights and Curved Light Bars
  • 5" Attack Light Bar mounts to Roof. Installation is super easy
  • Expandable System = Adding More Lights is Plug-and-Play
  • Rock Solid DG-1 Dragon Lighting Controller is an Industry Leader
  • Ultra Bright LEDs, MyTrickRC does not compromise on component quality
  • The Axial Honcho Light Kit is waterproof
  • Impact Resistant Light Bar Design can take a beating
  • DG-1 Dragon High Efficiency Controller minimizes battery usage, and it's adjustable brightness lets you easily manage your battery use

Axial Honcho Light Kit Include:

  • 1pc DG-1 Adjustable Brightness Lighting Controller
  • 1pc Attack High Power Headlights
  • 1pc 3mm ORANGE Running Lights
  • 1pc 3mm RED Tail Lights
  • 1pc 5" Attack Light Bar with custom 3D printed mounts (attaches to roll cage using existing screws)
  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts
  • Attack Scale Bumper Stickers
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