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Axial XJ SCX10-2 Comp Bumper Set

Axial XJ SCX10-2 Comp Bumper Set

NOTE This Bumper Set was introduced as a Limited Edition product.  We are finally coming to the end of the line.  We expect to be sold out of these near the end of June.  So get yours now!!


The Creative minds at MyTrickRC have done it again.  Introducing MyTrickRC's Limited Edition Axial XJ Comp Bumper Set.  The sleek & minimal design of the Axial XJ Comp Bumper Set is packed with tons of subtle design features to optimize your Axial SCX10-2 XJ on the trail.  The Axial XJ Comp Bumper Set hugs the body and offers minimal protrusions and catch points. Having gone through many revisions to improve performance, weight, strength, durability, and style, their 100% stainless steel construction slips off rocks like water off a duck, and looks great doing it. Here are some of the great features of these bumpers:

  • Maximized Approach and Departure Angles
  • Minimal Catch Points and Gentle Rounded Bends
  • Slippery Stainless Steel Construction
  • Round Bar Stock Promotes Sliding
  • Minimal Weight 
  • Raw, Paint-able,  Metal Wont Rust or Corrode
  • Pre-Cut Holes for Attack Under-Body Lighting
  • Fairlead Winch Design offers Better Weight Distribution and Approach Angles

These are made in the USA out of top grade 304 stainless steel!   These bumpers are sold as a set, Front and Rear, and mount directly to the stock chassis.  

Front and Rear Bumper Set Includes:

  • Axial XJ Front Bumper
  • Axial XJ Rear Bumper
  • Rear Bumper Cross Brace
  • Mounting Hardware

This is a Limited Build, so Get Yours NOW while Supplies Last

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