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Dual Amber 3mm LED

Dual Amber 3mm LED

Dual Amber 3mm LED

MyTrickRC's Dual Amber 3mm LED,  is a high quality LED Cable that has two LEDs on one connector.  The Super Bright LEDs on this  harness are carefully chosen for Optimum Brightness, Performance, and Durability. 

Also, the Dual Amber  3mm LED's twisted wires make them easier and cleaner to install.  Dual Amber  3mm LED is ideal for use on 1/10th vehicles.  This Dual Amber  3mm LED harness is approximately 16" in Length.  

The Dual Amber 3mm LED emits Yellow light.  This LED is commonly used for Front and Side Marker, or Fog Lights.  MyTrickRC often uses Orange LEDs for Front and Side Markers, but some customer prefer Yellow (Amber) LEDs, which is a more modern look. 



2.8-3.0 VDC Operating Voltage, ~40mA

* NOTE  When combining LEDs together using a MyTrickRC LED Splitter - Red, Orange, and Amber colors are compatible with each other.  Also, White, Blue, and Green are compatible with each other but these are NOT compatible with Red-Orange or Amber.

This LED is compatible with ALL MyTrickRC Lighting Controllers, however, NEVER plug this LED into ANY Black Port on the DG-1 Dragon Controller .  Black Ports are High Power ports an will immediately burn up this LED.

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