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Element Knightrunner Light Kit

Element Knightrunner Light Kit
Element Knightrunner Light Kit
Element Knightrunner Light Kit
Element Knightrunner Light Kit

NEW Element Knightrunner Light Kit

The Element Knightrunner Light Kit is a Deluxe, Hight Power, Light Kit based on the DG-1 Dragon Controller and it really completes the Overlander look for this beautiful truck.  Plus the Element Knightrunner Light Kit pumps out TONs of Light, so any of your friends who don't have this kit will be envious of the Scale Look and amazing performance.  The Element Knightrunner Light Kit is very easy to install, and add future Light Bars, Rock Lights, Wafers, or other accessory LEDs to. With the Dragon Controller you get Adjustable Brightness on your Headlights, witch is great for shooting pics, plus Reverse Light Function.  Look for more Sweet accessory lighting from from MyTrickRC for this truck, we are working on them now!


Due to popular demand, order processing may take 2-4 days, plus shipping.  Order early and get yours in time for Proline By the Fire!  


Some of the great features you will get with the Element Knightrunner Light Kit are

  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Easy Installation 
  • Waterproof Controller and LEDs
  • In-Line Quick Disconnects between Body and Chassis

Element Knightrunner Light Kit Includes:

Installation Notes

  • This light kit was designed to work with all the light bucket files offered by Knight Customs, so it's plug and play!
  • Installing our attack headlights will work with the Knight customs LED mount

Attack 1" L7 Pods Bar Install Notes

  • Align Light Bars then drill holes in Bumper for M2 screws. 
  • Use a body reamer or pen vise to start a hole using the Light Bar as a guide
  • Screw Light Bars in place

  • Install your M2.5 screw directly into the plastic bumper, creating threads
  • Reinstall screw with Attack Low-Pro in place
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