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RedCat Gen 8 and AXE Int Scout Kit

RedCat Gen 8 and AXE Int Scout Kit
RedCat Gen 8 and AXE Int Scout Kit
RedCat Gen 8 and AXE Int Scout Kit

RedCat Gen 8 Fans, MyTrickRC is excited to present our new RedCat Gen 8 Int Scout Kit to you!  RedCat has made a splash with the Gen 8 Scout, and we are here to take it even further. The scale molded grill and tail lights make this truck look great right out of the box, but with the MyTrickRC Light System it's taken to a new level!  Our Rock Solid UF-7C is the perfect fit for this truck.  It's Scale lighting features include Dual Headlights, Dual Front Running Lights, Tail/Brake, Rear Running Lights, and Reverse.  Additionally, it features automatic Hazard Lights.  They automatically turn on after 15 sec at rest.  And if you don't want Hazard Lights, you can simply turn them Off!  The UF-7C also offers Remote ON/OFF Control, but this feature requires a 3rd channel, not included on the stock truck.  If you upgrade your radio system to one with a 3rd channel, and purchase a second Y Cable for the UF-7C then you automatically get ON/OFF Control.   Oh, did we mention this Plug and Play Kit includes a special Splitter Cable that lets you easily add the lights to the bumpers, while leaving the controller mounted to the bodies.  There is an in-line disconnect so you can easily separate your body from LEDs on the chassis. 

MyTrickRC's RedCat Gen 8 Int Scout Kit really is the Ultimate Scale Light Kit for this truck.   And at my TrickRC we are all about helping you get Great Results with Minimal Effort.

Some of the great features you will get with the RedCat Gen 8 Int Scout Kit

  • Complete Light Kit with UF-7C Controller
  • Four Headlights
  • Running Lights in Bumpers
  • Automatic Hazard Lights
  • Tail/Brake and Reverse
  • Plug and Play, Powers off Receiver
  • High Quality Construction and Materials
  • Remote ON/OFF Control on 3rd Channel (this included feature requires you to upgrade your vehicles radio system to one with a 3rd channel, and add a second Y-Cable)

RedCat Gen 8 Int Scout Kit Includes:

  • 1pc UF-7C Lighting Controller
  • 3pcs 5mm Dual White Headlights and Reverse
  • 3pcs 5mm Dual Red Tail/Brake and Running
  • 2pcs 5mm Dual Orange Front Running 
  • 4-Way LED Y-Cable with Quick Disconnect
  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring management
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