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4-Way LED Splitter with Quick Disconnect

4-Way LED Splitter with Quick Disconnect

4-Way LED Splitter

This 4-Way LED Splitter lets you connect two LEDs to one port on your controller. Giving you the ability expand your lighting capabilities!  

The 4-Way LED Splitter can be used with any of our controllers, making expanding your lighting system easier than ever. This cable can be used with standard 3mm & 5mm LEDs, Attack Light Bars, Rock Lights, Spot Lights, Wafer Headlights, and Halos!  


Group A = RED, ORANGE, and AMBER LEDs  (are compatible with each other)

Group B = WHITE, BLUE, and GREEN LEDs  (are compatible with each other) 

  • Groups A & B are not compatible with each other.   So, if you connect a RED and WHITE LED together, only the RED will turn on.  This is because Group A LEDs have a lower voltage drop,  so Group A steals all the power if combined together.
  • When using these with Attack Lighting, DO NOT connect more than Two Light Bars, or 4pairs of Attack Headlights, Rock Lights, Spot Lights, Halos, or Wafer LEDs to this cable, or you risk overheating it.
  • The 4-Way LED Splitter can be used with the DG-1 or UF-7C controllers.  However, if you have a UF-7C you will also need a Standard Light Bar Regulator.  The Standard Light Bar Regulator will ensure that your Rock Lights never receive too high of voltage, thereby damaging them.
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