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AB-101 Backfire Kit

AB-101 Backfire Kit
AB-101 Backfire Kit
AB-101 Backfire Kit

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Looking to add a scale backfire light to you Drift Car, Street Car, or Basher!? The AB-101 Backfire Kit is a simple to install, low cost way to make it happen!

The AB-101 Backfire Kit comes standard with our SQ-1 Light Controller. An easy to use, plug-n-play controller that taps into your vehicles receiver for power and throttle signal. The SQ-1 was developed with direct input and testing by leaders in the drift community. The SQ-1's Backfire function went through months of testing and refinement to get the final scale effect we were looking for.   

Installation is super simple, and the system is easily expandable. Adding more LEDs & functions like Brake, Reverse, Running Lights, Hazard, Etc., is easy. Just plug them in and go! 

Some other great features are the SQ-1's compact size, minimizing weight and area needed for installation. Also, the AB-101 Backfire Kit is 100% waterproof!  So if you ever want to Drift or Bash in the Rain it's no problem. The SQ-1 also comes with a Quick Disconnect cable so it's a snap to remove and re-attach the body from chassis.

AB-101 Backfire Kit Includes:

  • SQ-1 Controller
  • 1pc 3mm Single ORANGE Backfire LED
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Quick Disconnect Cable
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