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AB-101 Backfire Kit

AB-101 Backfire Kit
AB-101 Backfire Kit
AB-101 Backfire Kit

Attack After Burner

Need to add scale backfire to you Drift Car, Street Car, or Basher?  The AB-101 Backfire Kit offers a simple, low cost way to do it!  The SQ-1 Controller that comes with the AB-101 Backfire Kit is Plug-n-Play, and taps into your vehicles receiver for Power and Throttle Signal.  The SQ-1 was developed in California with direct input and testing by leaders in the local Drift Community as well as across the nation.  The SQ-1's Backfire function went through months of  testing and refinement to get the final scale effect found in the SQ-1 Controller.   Installation is super simple, and the system is easily expandable.  So if you ever want to outfit your whole car with Lights, adding more LEDs & functions like Brake, Reverse, Running Lights, Hazard, Etc., is Plug and Play,  just plug in lights, and go!  

Some other great features with the AB-101 Backfire Kit is the SQ-1's compact size minimizes weight added to your vehicle, and area needed for installation.  Also, the AB-101 Backfire Kit is fully waterproof.  So if you ever want to Drift or Bash in the Rain it's no problem!  The SQ-1 also comes with a Quick Disconnect cable so it's a snap to remove and re-attach the body from chassis.

AB-101 Backfire Kit Includes:

  • SQ-1 Controller
  • 1pc 3mm Single ORANGE Backfire LED
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Quick Disconnect Cable

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