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Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights

Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights
Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights

Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights

MyTrickRC's Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights breaks another innovation boundary in the RC industry. 

The intensely bright LED Array of the Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights brings scale realism of aftermarket LEDs to 1/10 scale vehicles.  The Cool White color of the Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights is true to full scale lights, and is designed to fit any 1/10th scale vehicle with rectangular headlights.  Oh, did we mention that the Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights are Waterproof and has Switchable Stages so you can  turn on just the center LEDs, or, switch on the whole array for the insane brightness you've come to expect from MyTrickRC!  Also, Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlights are designed to be plug and play with your MyTrickRC DG-1 Dragon Controller, UF-7 C Controller, HB-2, or Powered off your Receiver!   

Don't have, or want to buy, a lighting controller?  No problem, MyTrickRC has you covered.  MyTrickRC offers a 5V Light Bar Power Regulator cable that will allow you to power any Attack Light Bar or Wafer Lights directly off your receiver, or ANY voltage source from 4-20VDC!  So powering off your 6V or 7V receiver  is no issue, or connect it directly to a battery!  At MyTrickRC we are working hard to make your RC lighting experience easy and fun. 

**NOTE  If you want to power off a UF-7C  Controller or directly off your Vehicle Receiver, you need to purchase a MyTrickRC 5V Light Bar Power Regulator.  The 5V Light Bar Power Regulator is sold separately, and will supply correct power to the Attack 19mm Rectangular Headlight Pair, or any Headlights or Attack Light Bars.  

19mm Rectangular Headlights DIMs:  19mm x 17mm x 3.5mm   

 ** CAUTION, DO NOT power the Wafer LEDs off more than 5V or they will get VERY HOT and damage the LEDs. They cannot be plugged into the receiver directly.

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