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Attack 6" Light Bar

Attack 6" Light Bar
Attack 6" Light Bar

Attack 6" Light Bar

Upgrade your vehicle with a 6" Attack Light Bar.  Its sleek curved design, Jeweled Lens, and 10pcs insanely bright LEDs shine like no other Light Bar on the market!

The 6" Attack Light Bar is designed with High Tech Plastics that can handle the heat and still take a Beating on the Trail, Street, or Track. With any light bar, high brightness equals heat, and that heat needs to be handled or LEDs will burn out. Attack Light Bars handle it with ease, and pump out tons light. The Light Bar also  includes a "tree" of mounts that give you multiple options for mounting to all sorts of vehicles.

Adding lights to your Rock Crawler adds a huge safety factor to the experience, and the more light you can get the better. That's where Attack light systems come in, allowing you lots of options to add high power lights to your rig. Attack Light Bars give you the best value for you money. You'll get a amazing brightness, incredible durability, and simple installation, all for a price that makes sense. All this means more time focusing on the the fun of the hobby.

Attack 6" Light Bar Includes: 

  • 6" Light Bar
  • Mounts Tree
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Power Adapter cable*
  • Scale Attack Bumper Stickers


1. There are Four Ways to Power your Attack 6" Light Bar: 

  •     DG-1 Dragon Controller
  •     HB-2 Light Controller
  •     MYK-PAL2  Standard Light Bar Regulator
  •     MYK-PAHL UF7C Light Bar Power Regulator
  •     MYK-PAL Adapter Cable**

2. The Attack 6" Light Bar is Designed to be Powered off 5V DC.

 ** CAUTION, Do Not power the 6" Light Bar off more than 6V from the Receiver, or the 6" Light Bar will get very HOT and damage the LEDs. They cannot be plugged into the receiver directly.

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