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Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit

Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit
Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit
Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit
Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit

Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit

The Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit is a Clean and Simple Way to get an Awesome Scale Look on your Axial Blazer! 

You'll be impressed how much the Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit adds to the 69 Blazer stock body.  Folks who have seen it love the look of the Halogen Headlights, not to mention the Scale Running Lights, Working Brake and Reverse Lights.

This kit also includes Tail Light Buckets, and Automatic Hazard Lights so you can get the best results! Oh, did we mention Remote ON/OFF 3rd Channel Control of the Lights? Yes, that's how Insanely Awesome the Axial Blazer Vintage Light Kit is!

Also, with the UF-7C Controller, you can also easily add more lights if you want. This might include Side Markers, Additional Canisters that came with the Truck, Blinking Dust Light, Halogen Lights for the Stock Light Canisters, or even a couple sets of Spot Lights to use as Rock Lights (Rock Lights power directly off the Receiver).


  • Scale Halogen Headlights, Rear Tail/Brake Lights, Front Running Lights and Reverse
  • 3D printed Taillight Buckets
  • Automatic Hazard Lights
  • Remote ON/OFF Control of all LEDs on 3rd Channel
  • Expandable System = Easily add MyTrickRC Spotlights (as Rock Lights) or Light Bar
  • Rock Solid UF-7C Lighting Controller is a is an Industry Leader for Quality Scale Lighting solutions
  • High Quality Components 


  • 1pc UF-7C Lighting Controller
  • 1pc 5mm Dual HALOGEN Headlights
  • 1pc 3mm Dual ORANGE Running Lights
  • 1pc 3mm Dual RED Tail/Brake Lights
  • 1pc 3mm Dual WHITE Lights
  • 1pc Extra Power Cable for Remote On/Off Control
  • 1pc 3D Printed Taillight Buckets
  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring management
  • Attack Scale Bumper Stickers

NOTE - Light Bucket Installation requires scraping off paint under the taillight stickers. Be careful to make sure the you scrape per the sticker location. Lines molded on the body may not match the taillight stickers location so start by scraping a small dot, then verify its position by shining light through the area scraped.

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