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Axial/Element Rock Light Kit

Axial/Element Rock Light Kit

Axial/Element Rock Light Kit

Illuminate your Axial or Element under-body with MyTrickRC's Axial/Element Rock Light Kit.

Adding both safety and performance, the Axial/Element Rock Light Kit is designed to direct fit to your Axial or Element fenders, using the included adapters. These lights are compatible with any High Power Port on ANY MyTrickRC Lighting Controller including:

  • HB-2
  • DG-1 Dragon
  • CX-1
  • Attack Light Regulator
  • UF-7R Attack Light Regulator
  • Comp Power Supply

This set of 4 Rock Lights will really make it easier to crawl on the darkest of nights.

Axial/Element Rock Light Kit Includes

  • 4pcs Rock Lights
  • 3D Printed Mounting Adapter Brackets
  • 2-Way LED Splitter
  • Mounting Screws

 ** CAUTION, DO NOT power the Rock Lights off more than 5V or they will get VERY HOT and damage the LEDs.

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