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DG-1 Dragon Controller

DG-1 Dragon Controller
DG-1 Dragon Controller

DG-1 Dragon Controller

 The DG-1 Dragon Controller is a Revolutionary and Innovative RC Lighting Controller that gives you the ability to add tons of High Power Lights to your RC Rig.  Designed specifically for Off Road applications, the Dragon can power any MyTrickRC Attack Light Bar, Rock Light, Headlights, Halo and other MyTrickRC Wafer LEDs. It also give you the ability to have Running Lights and Tail/Brake (or Reverse) so you can have a nicely lit Scale Truck.  In fact,  of all our Off Road Kits use the Dragon as their Controller. 

The clever design of the Dragon taps power directly off your Battery, so you can add as many Insanely Bright Attack LEDs as you want and never have to worry about overloading your receiver!  It also has a battery protect feature that will automatically power down the LEDs when your Lipo battery gets low so that you don't over-discharge it. 

Also the Remote ON/Off & Brightness control on the Dragon can be done Manually using it's tethered  MODE Button, or Remotely off a spare channel on your Receiver.  And, the Dragon is waterproof, so no need to worry about running in we conditions, The Dragon also includes a Quick-Disconnect Power Cable so you can easily disconnect your body from your Truck.   Join the family of customer who love the DG-1 Dragon Controller.  With literally thousands of DG-1 Dragon's in the field, it's well proven design continues to light the trail of many happy MyTrickRC Customers.

DG-1 Dragon Controller includes:

1pc DG-1 Dragon Controller

Mounting Hardware

Maximum input Voltage 11.4

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