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Fire Truck Body Light Kit

Fire Truck Body Light Kit
Fire Truck Body Light Kit

Fire Truck Body Light Kit

MyTrickRC's Fire Truck Body Light Kit is an Industry Standard when it comes to RC Fire Truck Builds!

  This Easy to Install kit is based on our well proven UF-7R Controller and features Headlights, Tail/Brake, and 8 Body Strobes.   The Super Bright LEDs found in all MyTrickRC Kits are carefully selected to be brightest you can find, and they will produce a shimmering effect on your Fire Truck.   

Want 3rd Channel ON/OFF switching on the strobes?  That ability comes standard on Fire Truck Body Light Kit,  all you need to do is add a second Y-Cable (sold separately), and that's it...  Plug and Play!   

MyTrickRC is all about High Quality, Dependability, Simplicity, and Cool Features.  Join the thousands of other happy MyTrickRC customers, see why the Fire Truck Body Light Kit is the Industry Leading Fire Truck Light Kit on the market.  


  • 2pc 5mm Single WHITE Headlights
  • 5pc 3mm Dual RED Tail-Brake Lights & Corner Body Strobes
  • UF-7R Universal Light Controller
  • Power Cables to power off your car’s battery, or 9V battery
  • Mounting Hardware

**Roof Flasher Bar sold separately, not included in this kit. 

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