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HB-2 Controller

HB-2 Controller
HB-2 Controller
HB-2 Controller

HB-2 LED Light Controller

Looking to add Attack High Power LEDs, standard 3mm and 5mm LEDs to your RC Car or Truck, and you do not need any fancy features like Brake Lights, Reverse, etc then the HB-2 Controller is the answer!

The HB-2 Controller gives you a Simple, Easy, and Safe, way to add various light configurations to your RC vehicle. The HB-2 Controller can power up to 12 High Power and 8 Standard LEDs with a max input of 4s.

The HB-2 Controller powers directly off any open port on your receiver or directly from the battery via the balance port or power cable plug and regulates that power to your LEDs. So, you do not ever need to worry about overpowering, or damaging, from miswiring. The electronics in the HB-2 are very rugged and meet the MyTrickRC strict Quality Requirements.

The HB-2 Controller Includes:

  • 1pc HB-2 Controller 
  • 1pc Balance Port Power Cable
  • Mounting Hardware



  • The Power Ratings for the HB-2 Controller are: 7-15VDC3 Amp MAX.
  • Ports A, B, and C are for 3mm and 5mm LEDs with an output voltage of 2.8v.
  • Ports E and F are for High Power Light Bars, Halos, Wafers, and Strips with an output voltage of 5v.
  • Port D is for High Power Headlights and Rock Lights with an output voltage of 4.5v.


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