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HB-2 Receiver Power Cable

HB-2 Receiver Power Cable

The HB-2 Receiver Power Cable allows you to power your HB-2 directly off any open port on your Receiver. If your Receiver is outputting 6V or higher, than this is our recommended method for powering your HB-2. The ideal input voltage for your HB-2 is 6V to 8V (or 2S LiPo Battery). ~7.4V voltage offers the best overall performance from your HB-2 Controller. Another advantage of powering your HB-2 from your Receiver is that when your battery's charge gets too low, your vehicle will automatically shut down the car and lights to protect the battery. Without the vehicle's Receiver providing this function, the HB-2 does not have the ability to protect your battery if the voltage gets too low.

NOTE - If your Receiver is outputting 6V the HB-2 will work, but the amount of High Power LEDs is much more limited. If the HB-2 doesn't have enough voltage on the input, it will rapidly blink the LEDs. The solution is to get a higher input voltage to the HB-2.

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