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White Light Strip

White Light Strip

White Strip Lights

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These White LED Light Strips are uniquely designed for your RC vehicle. This design allows them to be powered directly from your radio receiver. The White LED Light Strips present a nice even glowing area, ideal for under body lighting or as exterior indicator lighting on various vehicles. All White LED Light Strips are low maintenance and water resistant, just make sure it's padded dry after use. Additionally, you can cut these light strips shorter without hurting them. Cut them to fit the area you want. You can even cut them into several pieces that you then reconnected by wire jumpers that you solder in place yourself (extension wires not included, but suitable wire should be available from your local hobby store).

Light Strips White Kit Includes

      • 2pcs  White 12" long Light Strips
      • 1pcs  3-way Y Splitter power cable
      • Powers off 5V
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