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Light Bar Power Adapter

Light Bar Power Adapter

Light Bar Power Adapter

MyTrickRC's Light Bar Power Adapter lets you connect an Attack Light Bar (Attack Spot Lights, 2", 5", or 6" Light Bar) directly to your receiver, for power.  This simple little cable makes lighting up your Rig easier than ever!



DO NOT connect more than 1 Attack Light Bar, or 4 pairs of Spot Lights to your receiver or you may overload it. 

NOT Recommended for Attack Headlights or Rock Lights.  A Plug and Play solution for them is the Standard Light Bar Regulator*.

DO NOT use the Light Bar Power Adapter if your receiver is outputting more than 6V.  Light Bars will get very hot and will become damaged.  If your vehicle is outputting more then 6V, then we recommend using our Standard Light Bar Regulator*

*Standard Light Bar Regulator


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