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Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit

Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit
Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit
Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit
Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit
Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit

Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit

Amp up your Promoto Motorcycle with MyTrickRC's Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit!  The Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit is a sleek and simple Light kit that's a snap to install and has Nice Bright Light Pods in front and a Sleek Tail Light Pod tucked up inside the rear fender.   The mounting locations of the LEDs on the Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit were chosen to protect them from impacts.  The locations are away from the bikes normal high impact, wear areas.  Additionally, the LEDs on the Losi Promoto Motorcycle Light Kit meet MyTrickRCs standard for crazy brightness, even in broad daylight.   


This Kit powers directly off the receiver.

The Tail Light includes an strong Adhesive Pad for installation, however, if you want added security in the adhesion to the rear fender,  also adding some Zap Goo, Shoe Goo, or E-6000 around a couple edges works very well for these parts.  These adhesive bond to both parts well.

**Be sure the rear fender is very clean before applying the Tail Light Pod.  Clean the Promoto's  rear fender with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol).  Clean surface twice, allow the alcohol dry fully, then install Tail Light Pod by pressing the adhesive pad on the Tail Light Pod firmly in place.  It takes about 24hrs for the adhesive pad to fully bond to both parts.   Use the bike gently during the 24hrs after installing the tail light pod.                                                 


  • Simple, hassle-free operation
  • EasyAssembly and Installation
  • Custom made kit compliments the Promoto's rad styling
  • LEDs are very Bright and Functional Day and Night
  • Powers On/Off with the Bike

Kit Includes:

  • 1-PAL3 Power Supply
  • 1-Pair SQ4 Light Pods
  • 1-Tail Light Pod


Remove Left Side Panel.

Next, remove black Motor Cover, exposing the receiver.
Now zip tie Light Pods to the handle bars as shown.  Be sure to pull the zip tie as tightly as you can.  As an option, to reduce the ability of the Light Pod to move or rotate on the handle bars, you can add a tiny dab of Zap Goo, Shoe Goo, or E-6000 to base of the Light Pod prior to zip tying in place.
Feed Light Pod wire behind the radiator as shown, so that the wire comes out near the receiver.
Next connect the Light Kit's Power Supply to the receivers Aux 2 channel.

Connect the Light Pod to the Power Supply and place as shown.  Connect the Light Pods to either black connector on the Power Supply.  You can use double back tape, Zap Goo, Zap Goo, or E-6000 to bond the Power Supply to the bike.

Next feed Tail Light wire though the small hole in the metal plate on the side of the bike, as shown.  Connect the Tail Light to the white port on the Power Supply.

Apply the 3M double back tape to the flange on Tail Light Pod then press Tail Light Pod firmly up into the fender. 
1. Clean Fender with rubbing alcohol before sticking Tail Light in place.
2. It's a little difficult to show in our pics, but locate the Tail Light far enough inside the fender that the tire doesn't touch it, so, about 2/3 to 3/4 the way inside the fender.
3. For added security, you can apply Zap Goo, Shoe Goo, or E-6000 to the pod and fender to guarantee is never comes loose.  

 Light Kit is now installed.  Re-Install Motor Cover and Left Side Panel, you are DONE!



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