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Proline Power Wagon Light Kit

Proline Power Wagon Light Kit
Proline Power Wagon Light Kit
Proline Power Wagon Light Kit

Power Wagon Light Kit

The Proline Power Wagon Light Kit is the perfect compliment to your competition rig.  This kit features a sleek and rugged, light weight grill with integrated High Intensity Headlights.   The Proline Power Wagon Light Kit also comes with two pairs of Attack Rock Light Pods and the compact HB-2 Controller. The Proline Power Wagon Light Kit powers off the vehicle receiver and is Plug and Play.   


  • Simple, hassle-free operation
  • Easy Assembly and Installation
  • In-Line Quick Disconnects between Body and Chassis

Kit Includes:

  • 1-HB-2 LED Light Controller
  • 2-Pair Rock Light Pods
  • 1-Pair 27mm Strip LED
  • 1-Pair Clear lenses
  • 3D Printed Grill

3D Grill Installation

Step one is to cut an opening in your body for the grill to slip into.  The Grill has a slot on the top and sides, for the body to slide into.  

Note: Cut right on the edge of where the body dips down into the grill area. Use the grill as a template and Be Careful not to cutaway too much!  The Grill is slotted so that it can slide into the cut body.  Before cutting, use the grill to confirm where to cut.

Next you will take your 3D printed grill and insert the 27mm strip LEDs from the rear. 

NOTE: Take your time and insert the LED's with care. 

Once installed from the rear of the grill, you can cover the LED strips with the included clean lenses. 

NOTE: Insert lenses with care being sure to note any flash or fitment issues with the 3D print. The lenses should fit snug, NOT TIGHT. 

You can now slide your assembled grill/light setup into the Ecto body. We recommend a silicone-based adhesive such as ZapGoo, E-6000, ShoeGoo or equivalent. 

Rock Light Pods Installation: 

To install the tail lights on your 



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