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Small Airplane Light Kit

Small Airplane Light Kit
Small Airplane Light Kit

The Small Airplane Light Kit is MyTrickRC's first Light Kit, and it's still very popular around the world.  The Small Airplane Light Kit is designed to fit Airplanes with a Maximum Wingspan of 40".  Whether you’re building an old War Bird, or more modern aircraft, the UF-7 Lighting Controller in this kit has MODEs suitable to each.  The Scale Blink Patterns in our Aircraft MODEs look so cool, both in flight and on the tarmac.  Dusk is an ideal time to fly with these lights - you can still see your plane’s body as pops of LED light perfectly accent it.  And MyTrickRC doesn’t skimp on our LEDs - these are the Brightest 3mm & 5mm LEDs out there, so you get maximum enjoyment from them even at a distance.  We specially matched these LEDs so all LEDs are equally Bright.  Don’t forget your camera - you’ll definitely want to get video and shoot some pics.

Want to make night flying easier?  Add a pair of Attack Headlights to the bottom of your wings.  Their Low Profile design is flat and can be easily bonded to the underside of your wings.  Their high intensity light will help you see the runway as you come in for a landing.  When connected to the Pigtail of your UF-7C, these High Intensity LEDs will cast a wide area of light downwards.  The Plug and Play solution for adding Attack Headlights to your UF-7C is to purchase one of our UF-7C Light Bar Regulators.  The UF-7C Light Bar Regulator will ensure your LEDs will receive correct power from the Receiver, and this makes the Headlights Plug and Play.  Attack Headlights  UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator

Small Airplane Light Kit includes:

  • 1pc UF-7C Controller
  • 1pc 5mm 20" GREEN NAV LED
  • 1pc 5mm 20" RED NAV LED
  • 2pc 5mm 20" WHITE LANDING LEDs
  • 2pc 5mm 20" WHITE WING STROBE LEDs
  • 2pc 5mm 20" RED FUSELAGE STROBE LEDs
  • Receiver Power and 9V battery Adapters

Key Benefits of this Lighting Package

  • Great lighting effects for a low cost
  • Easy to install and set up, Plug and Play
  • Scale Blink Patterns
  • MODEs for War Birds with Guns or Jets with Afterburner
  • Optional Gun LEDs
  • Lights get power from airplane’s receiver so no extra battery needed
  • ON/OFF Switchable Landing Lights for added realism
  • Expandable means it's Easy to Add More Lights
  • Fits up to 40” Wingspan

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