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SQ-1 Controller

SQ-1 Controller
SQ-1 Controller

SQ-1 Controller

MyTrickRC's SQ-1 Controller was born out of LA's RC Drift Scene! 

With direct input from LA's Local expert RC Drifters, Tracks, and other drifters around the country, MyTrickRC Crafted a Compact Controller that packs a Big Punch!  With Killer Features like Throttle Sensitive Backfire, Active Brake Lights, Reverse, Running Lights, and Automatic Hazard Lights, the SQ-1 definitely takes it to the Next Leve!   

And, check this out, you can use MyTrickRC's Dual LEDs on every single output.  Meaning, you can have Dual Exhaust Backfire, up to 4 Tail/Brake Lights, 4 Headlights, 2 Reverse, and 2 Front Running.  And we took it one step further and made the SQ-1 Fully Waterproof! So not only is the SQ-1 Controller Awesome for Drift Cars, it's equally Awesome for Scale Rock Crawlers, Bashers, Boats, Trailers, Buggies or literally ANY RC Vehicle that uses 3mm & 5mm LEDs.   

With the Backfire Feature and Tail/Brake Lights, the SQ-1 is Awesome on a Short Course Truck, Buggy , or ANY other High Speed On Road or Off Road Vehicle! Also, the SQ-1 Controller is fully Plug and Play. 

It's really hard to beat the Value of the SQ-1 Controller.  Not only is the SQ-1 Controller jammed packed with Awesome Features, the Price is Equally Awesome.  And, when you consider the Minimal Wiring, Simplicity to Install & Use, and the MyTrickRC name behind it, you can see the Value of the SQ-1 Controller.

The SQ-1 Controller Includes:

  • 1pc SQ-1 Controller 
  • 1pc Servo Y-Cable 
  • Mounting Hardware


  1. The Power Ratings for the SQ-1Controller  are: 4.5-9VDC, 1 Amp MAX.
  2. The SQ-1 Controller is only meant to power MyTrickRC Single and Dual 3mm and 5mm LEDs.
  3. If you want all the Same Cool Features as the SQ-1, but also want to power some High Power LEDs, then check out our UF-7C Controller. The UF-7C Controller is the SQ-1 Controller's Big Brother, and is the most Versatile Controller MyTrickRC makes for Scale RC Vehicles!  
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