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Attack Light Regulator

Attack Light Regulator

Attack Light Regulator

MyTrickRC's Attack Light Regulator is a powerful little device that lets you power Attack Lighting directly off your vehicle’s receiver.  The Attack Light Regulator can handle powering:

  • 1pc Attack 5" or 6" Light Bar

OR 1 pair of

  • Attack 17mm Round Wafer Headlights
  • Attack 19mm Rectangular Wafer Headlights
  • NEW Attack 7-LED Wafer Strip Light
  • Attack Halo Headlights


  • 4 pairs of Attack Spot Lights, original Attack Headlights, Attack Rock Lights, or Attack 9mm Wafer Lights!

This is the simplest, and safest, way to add Attack Rock Lights, our new Wafer Headlights, or a Light Bar to your rig. The compact size makes it easy to find a place to put it.

The Attack Light Regulator gets power directly off your receiver, and regulates it to 5VDC.  That way if your receiver is outputting 7.4V it’s not a problem, the Standard Light Bar Regulator will make sure your Attack Light Bars see only 5V, and operate at their designed condition.


The Standard Light Bar Regulator is NOT intended for use with 3mm and 5mm LEDs, it will burn them up immediately!  Do not connect more lights than your Receiver and ESC are rated for. Input 4.5-9VDC DO NOT Exceed 9V on the input. Output: 4.9VDC +/- .1V  1.2Amp MAX

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