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Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler

Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler
Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler
Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler
Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler

MyTrickRC's Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler Kit is the perfect light kit upgrade for your Ultimate RC Hauler Tow Truck.   

This incredible kit uses MyTrickRC's new UF-7R Controller.  One of the coolest aspects of the Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler Kit is the UF-7R's flexibility, allowing you to configure your light system different ways depending on how you want it!   

By slightly changing the way LEDs are connected, and selecting a different MODE, you can easily configure, or change up your settings.  Everything you need for all configurations is included in the kit.  


SETUP #1 - Functioning Turn Signals

If you want a scale setup with functioning Turn Signals the Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler Kit can do that. Set the UF-7R to MODE 7 and connect LEDs as shown:

    • Port A - Reverse
    • Port B - Left Rear Tail/Brake/Turn (use 2-way cables)
    • Port C - Right Rear Tail/Brake/Turn
    • Port D - Front Right Turn
    • Port E - Headlights
    • Port F - Front Left Turn


*This configuration doesn't support On/Off Control of Flasher Bar. MyTrickRC has solution for this coming soon.

SETUP #2 - Staged Lighting Control

Or, if you prefer a setup for Rock Crawling that has Scale Brakes and Reverse, and the ability to power a Flasher Bar then you want setup #2. By connecting UF-7R's Input 2 to the transmission servo, you can use the transmission switch to toggle through staged lighting. Staged lighting starts with all Lights OFF. the first toggle turns on front running lights, Tail/Brake, and Reverse. The next level adds Headlights, and the last level turns our port G which you can use to power a Flasher Bar, and/or High Power LEDs like Rock Lights, or Utility Lights.  Set the UF-7R to MODE 3 and connect LEDs as shown: 

    • Port A - Reverse
    • Port B - Blinking (not used)
    • Port C - Tail/Brake
    • Port D - Front Running Lights
    • Port E - Headlights
    • Port F - Center Bake (not used)
    • Port G - High Power Output (not used)



SETUP #3 - Remotely Controlled Strobes

For Emergency Use Setup with wig-way strobes, set the UF-7R to MODE 10 and connect LEDs as shown: 

    • Port A - Wig-Wag Strobe (side A)
    • Port B - Tail/Brake (use 2-way cables)
    • Port C - Slow Strobe (not used)
    • Port D - Wig-Wag Strobe (side B)
    • Port E - Headlights
    • Port F - Slow Strobe (not used)
    • Port G - Flasher Bar (optional)


*This configuration does support On/Off Control of a Flasher Bar, along with the strobes.  Connect UF-7R's input 2 to the transmission channel on your receiver.  You will have Tail/Brake function and Strobes in the Front Running Lights and Reverse.  Tail/Brake will function normally.


**The Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler Light Kit does not come with a Flasher Bar, that is sold separately.  You can purchase that link here.  Click picture to view Flasher Bar.



    Traxxas Ultimate RC Hauler Light Kit Includes:

    • 1 - UF-7R Light Controller
    • 2 - 5mm Single White LEDs (700mm)
    • 2 - 5mm Single Red LEDs (700mm)
    • 1 - 5mm Dual White LEDs
    • 2 - 3mm Single Orange LEDs
    • 2 - 5mm Single Red LEDs
    • 2 - 2-Way LED Splitters
    • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring management
    • Attack Scale Bumper Stickers


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