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TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator

TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator

TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator

The TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator lets you get maximum punch from MyTrickRC's new TrickFlex LEDs. The only way to get Max Brightness from your TrickFlex LEDs is using a MyTrickRC TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator*. Connect the TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator into any High Power (Black) Port on your HB-2 or DG-1 Dragon Controller and just watch how your exciting TrickFlex LEDs come to life.


  1. Never plug your TrickFlex LEDs directly into 5V (High Power Black Port on HB-2 or DG-1 Dragon Controller), they will get very hot and quickly burn out. The only way safely to get Max Brightness is to use a TrickFlex 5V to 3V Regulator*.
  2. If you want Standard Brightness from your TrickFlex LEDs, simply plug them into 2.8V (Low Power White Port on any MyTrickRC Controller). Standard Brightness is ideal for taking pictures of your vehicle, accent lighting, brake lights, turn signals, etc.

* If you want to power TrickFlex LEDs from your Receiver, 9V Battery, or other higher voltage source MyTrickRC also offers a TrickFlex 12V to 3V Regulator that can safely power your TrickFlex LEDs at Max Brightness.

TrickFlex 12V to 3V Regulator

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