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TRX4 Defender Rock Light Set

TRX4 Defender Rock Light Set

TRX4 Defender Rock Light Set

Illuminate your TRX4 under-body with MyTricRC's TRX4 Defender Rock Light Sets!

Adding both safety and performance, the Traxxas TRX4 Rock Lights are designed to direct fit the TRX4  fenders.  These lights are DG-1 system compatible, this set of 4 rock lights will really make it easier to crawl on the darkest of nights.

TRX4 Defender Rock Light Set Includes

  • 4pcs Rock Lights
  • 3D Printed Mounting Brackets
  • 2-Way LED Splitter

NOTE: This Rock Light Kit is designed to fit the Defender and Tactical  bodies.   We do not recommend using this on the Bronco body.  A Rock Light kit for the Bronco coming soon, it will include a quick disconnect cable to easily detach body from the chassis where the Rock Lights are mouted.

 ** CAUTION, DO NOT power the Rock Lights off more than 5V or they will get VERY HOT and damage the LEDs.

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