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UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator

UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator

UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator

MyTrickRC's NEW  UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator is a powerful little device that Let's you power Attack Lighting directly off your Uf-7C Pigtail Output.  The Standard Light Bar Regulator can handle powering:

  • 1pc Attack 5" or 6" Light Bar

OR 1 pair of 

  • Attack 17mm Round Wafer Headlights
  • Attack 19mm Rectangular Wafer Headlights
  • NEW Attack 7-LED Wafer Strip Light
  • Attack Halo Headlights


  • 4 pairs of Attack Spot Lights, original Attack Headlights, Attack Rock Lights, or Attack 9mm Wafer Lights

from your UF-7C Controller.  The Attack UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator is the simplest, and safest, way to add Rock Lights, our new Wafer Headlights, Halos, or a Light Bar to your rig.  The compact size makes it easy to find a place to put it.   The UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator gets power directly off your receiver, and regulates it to 5VDC.  That way if your receiver is outputting 6V or 7V it's no problem, the UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator will make sure your Attack Light Bars see 5V, and operate at their designed condition.


The UF-7C Light Bar Power Regulator is meant to be used with a UF-7C only. 

DO NOT use this with a UF-7, or UF-7B this could damage their pigtail output.

Input 4.5-9VDC  DO NOT Exceed 9V on the input.

Output: 4.9VDC  +/- .1V  1.2Amp MAX

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