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UF-7R Controller

UF-7R Controller
UF-7R Controller

UF-7R Controller

The UF-7R LED Light Controller is the progression of our UF-7 LED Light Controller - the Lighting Controller that help create MyTrickRC!

The original UF-7's rock solid electronics and software, together with its Plug & Play design, and simple operation made it the obvious choice for RC enthusiasts across the RC hobby. We used it exclusively in our original Light Kits. The electronics in the original UF-7 were tough and reliable both by design and we don't cut corners on materials or components.

After many years of success with the UF-7, we discovered that with a few simple tweaks, we could make it even better, by greatly enhancing it's overall performance and value!

The UF-7R Controller uses the exact same rock solid electronics as the original UF-7, but with four small, but powerful, upgrades:

First, we changed the MODE Button to be Waterproof, making the UF-7R Fully Controller Waterproof!

Then, we also upgraded all the connectors on the UF-7R Controller to be gold plated, further enhancing their long term contact performance, particularly around water!

But we didn't stop there, we also upgraded the Pigtail output to support up to 2 Amps of current! This means the UF-7R can power Light Bars, Rock Lights, Halos, or MyTrickRC High Power Lights, and even certain Light Bars from Other Brands**! Yes, that's right, if you already have a Proline, or Any Light Bar that powers off the Receiver, you can power it from the UF-7R! Not only does this reduce the amount of wires to fuss with, the UF-7R Controller has a Plug & Play option that adds Remote On/Off Control of all your LEDs, including the Light Bar!

On the Software side of the UF-7R Controller, we made equally huge improvements. We figured out a completely new way to re-write the UF-7R Controller programming code, unleashing the full potential of the UF-7R Controller's Micro-Processor and onboard memory to greatly expand the LED blink functions in EVERY MODE. So all the MODEs on the UF-7R got more blink features added to them. Some examples of features we added are*: Off Road MODEs with Optional Remote On/Off Control, Center Brake Light, Backfire, Automatic Hazard Lights, additional Emergency Strobes, Scale Warbird with Switchable Wig-Wag Landing Lights and so much more!

The UF-7R Controller includes:

  • 1pc UF-7R Controller
  • 1pc Servo Y-Cable
  • 1pc 9V Battery Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware


  1. The Power Ratings for the UF-7R Controller are: 4.5-12VDC, 2 Amps MAX.
  2. UF-7C Controller's Pigtail Output passes Receiver Power straight through it. Therefore the voltage on the Pigtail Output will be the same as your Receiver. CAUTION - Do Not draw more power off your receiver than it's rated for.
  3. UF-7R Controller's Port E (Headlights Port) can be used to power Headlights and/or Running Lights. Port E stays ON STEADY in all Land Vehicle MODEs.
  4. Each port on the UF-7R Controller can power LOTs of LEDs, but the more LEDs you add to one port, the dimmer all of them will become. We recommend trying not to exceed 4 LEDs per UF-7R Controller LED Output.
  5. A Higher Input Voltage on the UF-7R will make all of your LEDs slightly Brighter, However it's better for the Controller if you don't exceed 9VDC.
  6. MyTrickRC sells LED Splitter Cables which allow you to add more LEDs to a Port. However, you can't mix all LED colors together on one LED Splitter. Please see our NOTEs about this on the individual LED Splitter Product Pages. You can find LED Splitters here:

* The NEW Blink features we mentioned are only in certain MODEs

** The UF-7R Controller Can Power:

  • 1pc Attack 5" or 6" Light Bar, or Light Bar from Other Manufacturer

OR 1 pair of

  • Attack 17mm Round Wafer Headlights
  • Attack 19mm Rectangular Wafer Headlights
  • Attack Halo Headlights
  • NEW Attack 7-LED Wafer Strip Light


  • 4 pairs of Attack Spot Lights, original Attack Headlights, Attack Rock Lights, or Attack 9mm Wafer Lights
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