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Arrma Felony LED LIght Kit

Arrma Felony LED LIght Kit
Arrma Felony LED LIght Kit
Arrma Felony LED LIght Kit
Arrma Felony LED LIght Kit

MyTrickRC's Arrma Felony LED Light Kit takes your, already badass car to the next level!

Using MyTrickRC's super versatile Wafer LEDs combined with our powerful UF-7R controller, the Arrma Felony Kit completes the wicked attitude of the Arrma Felony.

So what makes the Arrma Felony Kit so incredible?  Start with the sleek design of the Carbon Nylon custom 3D Printed Headlight and Tail Lights that match the bodies geometry.  These MyTrickRC designed parts perfectly compliment the Rebel styling of the Arrma Felony.    And with our powerful new UF-7R Controller you get functioning Tail/Brake Lights, Reverse and Backfire!  MyTrickRC's Arrma Felony Kit is an insane kit for an insane car.  

One of the great aspects of the Arrma Felony Kit is how easy it is to expand your light system.  Want to add Underglow?  It's a snap with the Arrma Felony Kit.  Simply glue LEDs in place, and connect to the controller.  


    Arrma Felony Kit Includes:

    • 1 - UF-7R Light Controller
    • 1 - 27mm White Linear Wafer LEDs with Lenses
    • 1 - 9mm White Square Wafer LEDs with Lenses
    • 2 - 27mm Red Linear Wafer LEDs
    • 1 - 3mm Dual Orange LEDs with Conical Lens
    • 1 - 3mm Dual White LEDs for Reverse
    • 1 - 3mm Dual Yellow LEDs for Backfire
    • 3D printed buckets 
    • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring management
    • MyTrickRC Scale Bumper Stickers


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