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Element RC Ecto Light Kit HB-2

Element RC Ecto Light Kit  HB-2
Element RC Ecto Light Kit  HB-2
Element RC Ecto Light Kit  HB-2
Element RC Ecto Light Kit  HB-2
Element RC Ecto Light Kit  HB-2

Element RC Ecto Light Kit 

The perfect complement to your Element RC Ecto, is the ability to go anywhere at anytime; day or night!

The Element RC Ecto Light Kit is a Hight Power Light Kit based on the HB-2 LED Light Controller. The Element RC Ecto Light Kit pumps out TONs of Light, so all of your friends who don't have this kit will be envious of the Scale Look and amazing performance! 

The Element RC Ecto Light Kit is plug & play, making installation simple and hassle free!

The Ecto Light kit also come with cleans lenses and a couple FREE Ecto 3D Grill/Light Bucket files to print and add the extra POP, to your build.


  • Simple, hassle-free operation
  • Easy Installation 
  • In-Line Quick Disconnects between Body and Chassis

Kit Includes:

  • 1-HB-2 LED Light Controller
  • 1-Dual Red 5mm
  • 1-27mm Strip LED
  • 1-Clean lenses
  • 3D Print files (Online)

3D Grill Installation

Start be cutting away the grill section of your Element RC Ecto body.

Note: Cut right on the edge of where the body dips down into the grill area. Be careful not to cutaway too much!

Next you will take your 3D printed grill and insert the 27mm strip LEDs from the rear. 

NOTE: Take your time and insert the LED's with care. 

Once installed from the rear of the grill, you can cover the LED strips with the included clean lenses. 

NOTE: Insert lenses with care being sure to note any flash or fitment issues with the 3D print. The lenses should fit snug, NOT TIGHT. 

You can now slide your assembled grill/light setup into the Ecto body. We recommend a silicone-based adhesive such as ZapGoo, e6000, ShoeGoo or equivalent. 

Rear LED Installation: 

To install the tail lights on your Ecto, you will need to first make some holes in the body where you would like to locate your LEDs. 

Note: Be sure not to make your holes too big, the LED holder will not work correctly. 

After you make your holes, insert the included LED holders into the body from the outside.


Once the holders are installed, you install the LED's from the inside of the body. 

Once installed, we again recommend a small amount of silicone-based adhesive on the back of the LED's to help hold them securely in place. 

3D Print Your Own Grill!

  • The Element RC Ecto Light Kit  was designed to work with some of the downloadable 3d grill files below.  
  • Be sure to print your grill in a material that can handle the heat the LEDs will generate. We recommend ABS or Carbon Nylon.   PLA/PLA+ prints will likely not handle the heat and will deform. 


Click the grill image to download the files

NOTE - Dimension of 3D Prints varies with different printers.  If clear lenses are too tight to fit properly, try scaling up or modifying the STL file.




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